Welcome to my corner of the internet!

Hi! My name is Michael Connor Buchan, but I go by TheFake VIP almost everywhere on the internet. Welcome to my personal site.

I’m a visually impaired computer programmer, web developer, open source advocate, hardware enthusiast, video editor, and, above all, just a complete nerd.

Let’s break that down a bit:

Visually Impaired

I was born with Leber congenital amaurosis,Photophobia and Nystagmus. This means I’m almost, but not quite completely blind and struggle to see in brighter conditions. I can, however, see colour, though my colour perseption is also reduced.

Computer Programmer

I’ve been interested in, and passionate about all things technology for almost all of my life, and have put most of that energy into learning many programming languages and paradimes, ranging across many computing fields. Rust is by far my preferred language of choice, but I’m also proficient in C, C++, Python, Shell scripts, PHP, Javascript / ECMA Script and can get by in a few others too.

Web Developer

Along with this site, I’ve built a few notible websites, such as Blind Computing, a central resource for all things accessibility on the internet, and Mundistry, a music industry simulator-type game that I co-develop with Billswax. Over the years these have all progressed from various custom implementations, usually in PHP, to sustainable projects using web frameworks like Laravel, and static site generators like Hugo, upon which this site is built.

Open Source Advocate

I’m a huge proponent of free, libre, open source software. Developing the software that runs our lives out in the open increases security, encourages innovation, prevents monopolistic practices and above all, makes technology accessible to everyone.

I’m also a believer in a decentralised, federated self-hosted web and projects like ActivityPub, Mastodon, Matrix, Bit Torrent, NextCloud and, if implemented correctly, Crypto Currency.

Hardware Enthusiast

I’ve built many a computer in my time, and I’ve also experimented with Single Board Computers like the Raspberry Pi in the past. Obviously I’m limited in what I can do because my sight prohibits me from soldering, reading resistor values, etc, but electronics engineering is still one of my interests.

Video Editor

I run a small YouTube channel called TheFake VIP, on which I discuss tech, Linux and accessibility. This channel was originally intended to compliment Blind Computing, but has since evolved into really anything I’m passionate about.

Complete Nerd

What can I say, I just ❤ Maths, Physics and Computer Science! 😊